BREAKING NEWS – Angels terminate negotiations with Anaheim over stadium lease renewal. LA Times cites Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait’s opposition to Angels as chief reason.

Mayor Tait’s continued opposition to the Angels renewing their lease has driven the Angels to start talking to other cities. More to come.

The Angels’ lease at Anaheim Stadium was up in the next two to three years and the team and the City of Anaheim were negotiating a lease extension. The deal that was being discussed, which was just terminated due to Mayor Tait’s opposition, included:

The current deal being discussed would:

  • Keep the Angels in Anaheim for another 50 years
  • Upgrade the stadium with needed capital improvements at no taxpayer expense
  • Allow for development of a shopping, restaurant and entertainment complex next to the stadium
  • Generate tens of thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions in tax revenue for the community.

Read more about this latest development here.

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